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All About Monica Cohn

Growing up in the 50's with an art-interested mother, my early memories reflect back to the summers we spend in France and Italy visiting Louvren and Uffizi, and to a centerspread article about Modigliani and Dardel in the Femina Magazine. These are experiences that have had a great impact, awakening my curiosity for my creative personality.

I have always had an eye for colours found in my surroundings, which is also one of the main inspirations I translate into my paintings.

My medium is primarily painting, and I work with a foundation in oil, acrylic and watercolour paint combined with a selection of materials added to create texture and build dimensions within the composition. I live by the mindset to never stop exploring the possibilities in my work, and that makes my signature ever changing.

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“Monica Cohn; my mother, mentor and source of inspiration, always there to guide me with her rich experience within the field of art. She’s a great part of my own personal design development and she’s constantly surprising me with her knowledge and endless creative flow of ideas that takes us through an artistic process generating emerging reflections.  Our productive discussions are one component I highly appreciate in my creative progress, and that I wouldn’t want to be without. It’s a debate that could last forever.”

Channa Cohn

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Artist | Creator | Visionary

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